Thursday, July 31, 2014

Velcro rollers, naps and all that

Today I woke up feeling particularly frumpy. Maybe because I haven't shopped for clothing in a very long time  and my wardrobe is worn out ; or maybe because my hair is in desperate need of coloring sons keep saying "what's wrong with your hair?"; or maybe because on a daily basis I wear what is comfortable to do what I do around the house and at my work table which is the same pair of black work out shorts that should have been retired 4 years ago; OR maybe it's the fact its 105 outside and I have a raging headache.   Regardless, I'm feeling frumpy today. So in an effort to defrump myself I took a shower, washed and dried my hair (with it's glaring shiny streak at my part) and decided to spiff it up a bit. I used the big hair velcro rollers, threw on some makeup, some insanely hot dangly earrings and even wore a tee that slides off my shoulder to get that "I woke up looking this good" casual look.. Took out the rollers, shook my head and looked in the mirror  There ya go boys, look at your mama now...... wearing a cute denim skirt and rocking the 60s movie star hair.  I still got it.

For about 10 minutes.... I was on top of the world, feeling like a big haired hip sassy girl who happens to be way too cool  and  is wayyyyy too young looking for these kids that follow me around.  Then my frumpy reality came running back.  My hair is in my eyes and the skirt is not working for cleaning the bathrooms. I guess I'll save all that fixing up for when I am actually going someplace. Life is not always a photo op....

I know better than to try to be something I'm not, but sometimes I think I could step my game up a bit more...I think I'll color my hair and get a pedicure so that when I pull on those black workout shorts and sit at my work table, I'll be feeling pretty fancy. But, for today, I think I'll take that nap and let the big hair get squished. After's still 105 outside......

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