Sunday, August 31, 2014

100 Better Days

In the spirit of telling my story, I have with the support and loving encouragement from friends decided that the best way to be better is to do better. One step at a time. Not discouraging but encouraging myself and with every decision, choosing to be healthy. I'm NOT an expert in any of this, I'm a girl on a journey to be the strongest and happiest version of herself. So since I seem to love to throw the number 100 around, I've decided to go with 100 better days. Positive attitude, excited about what I can do to make myself healthier and more fit ...

That being said, I didn't convey how important I think it is that we make peace with our bodies and be comfortable in our skins. That bit of self love and drive has to come from what's inside and I know that. I just had a bit of a teeny meltdown because I am that kind of girl, a little stormy sometimes. Still I don't think it is ever ever a bad thing to want to do a little better.

So here is my plan, I'll try to gather real information and tips and will share with you how it's going for me . I would love love love if  you came along with me for this exciting and positive 100 days and see what happens. Please follow any Doctor's orders and don't take any of what I tell you for science. This is my real life journey and not anything close to being a strict regime or plan of any kind, because I'm messy and disorganized and need liveable changes that don't turn me inside out. Those never last. So here it is a bit at a time starting today..

Day 1. Stop eating processed sugar and flour and most importantly no fast food. I've done this before and I will tell you the first few days I get a little edgy.  Processed foods are not good for me and I want to only bring good things into my body.  I also did a little pool exercise for an hour. Drinking lots of water... There it is. A bit of change I can live with...

I won't be boring you all with EVERY SINGLE DAY updates, I don't want to be only about this process, it's just life changes.. I'll just check in and keep you posted randomly and I hope you do the same with me. And you can always email me at and we can privately keep in touch. If I find a healthy recipe I love, I'll share the link and anything else that comes to mind. I will also do some Instagram updates at @Barbarasuew which is my personal profile.

Love wins


  1. This is a terrific start Barbara! Remember it's okay to fall off that horse once in a while as long as you get up, brush yourself off and get back on. We're here for you and one another. Okay, I'll start. I just had THE MOST incredible shake. (If you don't have a really good blender, get one because it will be your new best friend on this journey). Two scoops of protein powder (21 grams of protein. Thank you very much), about a half to a cup of fresh pineapple and mango but you can use whatever you have that's fresh or frozen without added sugar. Half cup of unflavored plain Greek yogurt and half cup of cottage cheese all in a blender with a little crushed ice. The cottage cheese makes it all so think and yummy you almost feel guilty. This holds me for hours and if I don't eat another bite of protein the rest f the day I know I've feed my body and fueled it for whatever comes my way. <3 Suzanne

  2. Oh this is a good one Suzanne! I love a shake or fruit smoothie! Awesome and thank you...Fuel the body, that is the plan!